MeMap Magazine / App Design

Editorial Design

project details

MeMap is a redesigned version of Winnipeg Transit Map. The magazine explains about different examples of transit maps of other countries, and gives the idea why it's important to the public. Bright, vivid color scheme relates to the colors used in the transit map.
MeMap app is a simply a transit app for Winnipeg. It guides people from A to B in the easiest and most efficient way. Key features of MeMap are: Real Time Arrivals, Live Navigation, Favorite Journeys, Bus Details, and design considered for color blinded people. The app is designed for public, so the goal is to make accessible to everyone. Therefore it avoids bad color combinations such as green-red, green-blue, blue-purple for color blinded people.

memap_cover memap_inside memap_app memap_appdetail memap_holding